Deliverability Myth Discussed

Deliverability Myth Discussed

It has always amazed me that, despite the vast amount of information available on the subject, email professionals and marketing experts alike still...

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Return Path Buys

Return Path - May 6, 2014 - Comments Off

I’m delighted to welcome the community to Return Path. We were excited for a chance to acquire because its content, contributors, and readers have played an influential role in raising awareness and advancing education about email delivery issues, practices, and policy—topics we’ve cared deeply about for more than a decade. Apart from being able to contribute more [...]

Looking for a new job in the email industry?

Jobs - May 5, 2014 - Comments Off

Looking for a new job in the email industry? We’re starting a monthly jobs digest of some of the most attractive positions. The roundup will include both technical and non-technical jobs. Is your company hiring? Please send us: Job Title 4-6 sentence description of the company and position Location Salary range (or BOE, undisclosed) Link [...]

7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Adopt an Email Newsletter

Best Practices - April 5, 2014 - Comments Off

The odds are stacked against small business owners from the get-go. In most cases, you have to work twice has hard with half the staff just to equal the same output as some competitors with more resources at their disposal.So why not do everything you can to help build your company and brand? Regardless of the [...]

The Pros and Cons of Microsoft Office 365 for Small Businesses

Resources - March 28, 2014 - Comments Off

If you sit at a desk and have a computer for your occupation, it’s likely you’re using some version of Microsoft Office, and that’s not to mention the likelihood of the software being on your home desktop or laptop. However, as times and workplaces are changing, so has Microsoft, which offers Word, Excel, PowerPoint and [...]

6 Ways We’ve Seen Email Change Over the Last 15 Years

Best Practices - March 19, 2014 - Comments Off

Remember the “You’ve got mail” notification every time you used to open your email? It was equal parts annoying and satisfying. Gone are the days where it was new and exciting to communicate via email like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the 1998 film “You’ve Got Mail.” Now, email is essential to everyday life, [...]

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Subject Lines

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Subject Lines

Best Practices - March 13, 2014 - Comments Off

Your email can’t be read if it isn’t opened. You’re selling yourself and your company short if you don’t consistently take the time to create the best subject line possible to draw interest and ensure the high click-through rates. Think of the subject line as a headline of an article. It has to draw people in, [...]

When is the Best Time to Send an Email?

Best Practices - March 7, 2014 - 1 Comment

So you’ve crafted the perfect email. You’ve taken a lot of valuable time to ensure the you have your message just right and you’ve followed every tip in the book to help your email jump out at the recipient with a catchy subject line and just the right amount of content. You’ve included an image [...]

6 Ways You Can Build Your Email Newsletter with Social Media

Best Practices - February 26, 2014 - 2 Comments

Email newsletters are an effective way to blast consumers with information, discounts or news. They help promote consumer loyalty and work as an effective marketing strategy to reach a large group of people in a short amount of time, but most companies aren’t taking enough advantage of social media in growing their email newsletter. According [...] Contributors

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