Bad email from the Washington Post, unsubscribe page is not compliant

I haven’t received an email from the Washington Post in at least a year, although I did give them my email address a long time ago. Then out of no where, I get an email for their DC Scout Weddings. Now, I have no idea why they thought I would be interested in weddings in Washington, DC. I am already married and I don’t live in DC. But even if I was about to get married in DC, I still would have considered this spam because I did not expect to get messages like this as a result of creating an account to read the news on the website.


I was wondering why they sent me this and so I took a closer look. Then I noticed that they have an invalid From address of simply, “” – it is not a valid email address. So any replies to this message will bounce.

Finally, I scroll to the bottom and click on the unsubscribe link, which takes me to the following page which is not CAN-SPAM compliant under the recent FTC CAN-SPAM regulations because it requires a password in order to unsubscribe:


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