My forwarded email is not working!

Ever wonder why your email that is being forwarded from AOL to your GMAIL account never makes it sometimes?

ISP’s can sometimes forward unwanted email or viruses without knowing
it when users of their services set up such features. This means that
some receiving ISP’s will block another ISP at times just because the
spam or viruses looks like it originated from that ISP when in reality
the email was just sent from another outside unauthorized source.
<-did that make sense?

Spammer (sends spam to AOL account) —> AOL (forwarder) —> GMAIL (Blocks AOL thinking they sent the spam)

Spam fighters lay down gauntlet

Antispam Group Outlines Defenses to Block Botnet Spam

To combat this, we laid out some new Email Forwarding Best Practices within the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG). These were finalized at our Germany meeting a few weeks ago.

(just using those ISP’s as an example and not verified they
blocked each other). AOL (Hi! Anna, Christine, and Mike x2) and GMAIL
are GREAT services


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One Response to “My forwarded email is not working!”

  1. madkins
    July 12, 2008 at 8:29 am #


    ummm…we don't actually have a forwarding feature…..I don't know why we keep being used as the example….