AOL Launches Online Sender Support Tools

If you haven’t already heard, AOL is once again leading the industry in making available their knowledge and systems to legitimate senders

When there is a problem delivering your message to its destination you receive an error message included in the mail returned from AOL’s system. The following information will give you more details on the meaning of the error message and the steps you can take to solve the problem.

Moving forward, priority will be given to requests that come through their online tools.

FBL Modification/Deletion Request Tool: Any requests regarding FBLs should be made here.

RTR/RLY/DNS Block Removal Request Tool: This form is for mail administrators only. Telnet and nslookup results from the IPs in question are required to submit this form.

HVU Inquiry/Removal Tool: Anyone receiving an HVU error can submit a support request here. HVU blocks occur when you try to send email with a blocked URL to AOL users. This form will help you identify which URL is blocked and to request removal of the block.

Other information requests: We recognize that not all support requests will fit nicely into one of the buckets above, and this page is where you can tell us about any other issues you experience while sending mail to AOL users. We do not guarantee that you will receive a response to an inquiry placed using this form. If you are being blocked, please use the appropriate tool. Submitting an unblock request on the “Other” tool is the slowest way to resolve your issue.


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