Goodmail and Yahoo! breaking up?

What is with the month January this year? Seems that a few celebrity marriages have taken a turn for the worse and caused them to separate. I'm not trying to make fun of someone's misfortunes, but wow.

To make things more interesting in our terms of email, sometime this week a bunch of new buzz stirred up around Goodmail's and Yahoo! relationship. Are they breaking up? Taking a little break from each other? Who knows, but the chatter around the industry is that Goodmail has made phone calls or sent the below email to it's ESP partners and customers notifying then of such. You decide.

My viewpoint? I'm not so sold on this information just yet. Just doesn't make sense… UPDATED: as I think more about this, is it because Yahoo! doesn't see a big enough benefit over the hassle of keep up the infrastructure? Someone also said to me maybe the Goodmail stuff was in the way during the recent Yahoo! inbound outages? or caused it? is pay for email really worth it?

Effective February 1: There will be a reduction in privileges granted to CertifiedEmail messages sent to and other domains controlled by Yahoo:

  1. The CertifiedEmail icon won’t be displayed for CertifiedEmail messages sent to these domains.
  2. Delivery rates to Yahoo mailboxes will be very high but Goodmail can no longer assure delivery, as messages will be subject to filtering by Yahoo.
  3. Images will be displayed for most CertifiedEmail messages but not for all.

We are in discussions with Yahoo and hope to restore full privileges to CertifiedEmail but there is no firm timeline for that at this time. We will advise on any developments as soon as we can.

Effective February 1: CertifiedEmail coverage will expand to include and all mailboxes.

Goodmail remains committed to its CertifiedEmail platform, the only solution for senders, receivers and consumers who expect the highest level of security, best email practices and Inbox functionality. During 2010, CertifiedEmail will grow its ISP footprint and we will launch new exciting products.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service group via email at customerservice (AT)


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