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So quickly here folks, last night while attending the DMA/EEC Email Evolution event in Miami, we learned (Tweeted) that Goodmail is ceasing operations permanently.


It is with great regret that I must inform you that Goodmail will cease operations on Tuesday 2/8/11. We will continue to provide CertifiedEmail tokens until Tuesday 2/8/11 5pm PST at which time our Token Generators will be taken offline. Tokens provided between 2/1/11 and 2/8/11 will be free of charge. All tokens provided during the month of January will be charged at regular rates.

We are working with our ISP partners to accommodate a transition period for your IP addresses so as to decrease the effort required for warm up. In the meantime, please begin to transition your traffic off of CertifiedEmail.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Daniel Dreymann

CEO, Goodmail Systems


It seems that an attempt to merge with Symantec to save the company failed this week. It is also known that Goodmail is without delay selling assets (email patents and other intellectual property, equipment, /21 block of IPv4 addresses, etc.) to gain some last minute revenue. So for some there might be some interest in gaining some things from them.

This announcement now only leaves Return Path Certified Sender and others like the Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP) SuretyMailRpost Registered Email, and a few others in the game to give senders a choice to have their email and policies certified.

We do hope that the employee's of Goodmail are well and find new jobs VERY quickly.


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One Response to “Goodmail Ceasing Operations”

  1. Tonja D. Silver
    February 3, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    It is good that there are people trying to create jobs in this dat and time. Goodmail is just another way a person can get on the internet. We have all these others like twitter, gmail, yahoo, and facebook. Another one won't hurt the world of the internet.