Is Rick Santorum’s campaign spamming or does his content just suck?

Have any of you signed up for any of the Presidential nominees email programs lately?  I have and its very interesting to see not only the frequency at which they come, but the content as well.  As an uber email marketing geek, it got me wondering as to how well these email programs do both from an inbox placement rate as well as any general engagement metrics.  Impossible you say..none of these guys are going to give any of this stuff to you.  And to that end, I agree.

However, being a crafty and somewhat connected email guy, I was able to reach out to Carter Nicholas, CEO over at eDataSource to see if they can help me out.  eDataSource is an independent and unbiased source of marketing data across email and social media.  They collect, analyze and catalog a boatload of campaigns including email, tweets and Facebook updates and have done so since 2003.  Carter was happy to help out and was able to share all of the stats with me for this particular post. If you don’t know anything about eDataSouce, I suggest you go and check them out, as they can provide you with some valuable data on your program as well as your competitors programs.

As you look at the chart below, bear in mind that most of these candidates have a pretty wide degree of reach in terms of audience, but its interesting to see the wild swings in open rates from candidate to candidate.  One of the things that pushed me to pursue these stats was that I wondered if the candidates did get preferential treatment by ISP’s for deliverability and inbox placement.  Judging by the numbers, it appears that my theory was incorrect.  Rather than pontificate over these stats, lets hear from you on what you think and what you can draw out of these numbers.

Caveat: For those of you that are uber political with strong feelings towards these candidates, lets keep the comments and analysis to the numbers and avoid our personal opinions about each of the nominee’s.


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