Daily Delivery – Targeting Tablet Customers

Daily Delivery – Targeting Tablet Customers

Targeting the Tablet Customer

By Jim Davidson @Bronto 1/24/12

Adobe Systems’ first “Digital Marketing Insights” report begins with a powerful statement: “Consumers who visit retail websites using tablet devices are more valuable online customers than those who visit websites using smartphones or traditional desktop/laptop computers.

Let’s think about that for a moment… device type is now another layer that we can use to measure customers that bring in the most value.  Traditional purchase behavior, site activity, social media interactions, and overall engagement can now be broken down by what someone is holding in their hands or where they are sitting. I love data.

Not only are your tablet buyers valuable, they are spending more dollars than their smartphone and desktop and laptop counterparts. The report found that tablet users spent 50% more than smartphone users and 20% more than those on traditional computers.  They are also nearly three times as likely to purchase compared to smartphone users and nearly as likely as those using traditional computers.

The actual percentage of your customer base using tablets may be small but clearly they are important… and growing.  A report by Pew Internet found that tablet ownership nearly doubled (from 10% to 19%) between mid-December and early January.

Let’s explore a few tactics you can employ now to not only learn more about your tablet audience but also make sure they have a positive experience when interacting with your brand. (continue @Bronto)


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