Email Deliverability Sarcasm Part 2 (and why you should never go on vacation)

Wednesday Afternoon, 3:43 p.m. EST.

Me:  We are blacklisted at Yahoo and Hotmail.

Them: Why? What does that mean?

Me: Well…in short, we are blocked and our email is not getting through.

Them:  That’s a problem huh?  Why are we not getting through.

Me: Seems like we were sending emails to a lot of address’ which where old.

Them: Old?  We got them like 5 years ago and the last time we sent them something was like February or they are not that old.

Me: Did someone send an email out without me knowing or something?

Them:  Casey (VP of Sales) sent an email out to this list that was given to us by sales.

Me: Wait..what list?

Them: The know..that was given to us by the sales folks.  It was great, had like 435,000 or something people on there.

Me: Where did we get it from?

Them: Sales….they gave it to us.  You weren’t here last week, so we just decided to send it ourselves.  We got like $10K in sales from it, so it was great.

Me: But it had a lot of bad/old email address’ in it which has caused us to get blacklisted.

Them: Yea..we only sent them 4 emails last week while you were out.  Can you fix it?


Key Takeaways:

1. If you are an email marketer or a deliverability person, vacations are forbidden.

2. Don’t give the password to the ESP to just anyone.

3. Don’t send to old lists

4. Don’t wait till Wednesday to find out you are blacklisted.

5. Don’t panic.

Sound familiar?  If so…would love to hear your story.

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