Daily Delivery – What’s Hot in Email

Daily Delivery – What’s Hot in Email

What’s Hot in Email Marketing: Responsive Email Design

By Joanna Roberts @ReturnPath 6/7/12

As an account manager at Return Path, I get to talk to clients about what’s hot in the email world. I have lots of conversations with clients about the newest trends, and what’s not so popular anymore. So what’s the next new thing in email marketing? Responsive email design!

Have you ever noticed that your carefully crafted email doesn’t always look great on the small screens used for tablets and mobile devices? Historically, email marketers have designed for the typical 1024 x 768 screen and, because of the typical email preview pane size, have been advised to keep email width around 650 pixels. However, with the growth of smart phones and tablets, this one-size-fits-all approach isn’t necessarily best practice anymore.

Here’s where responsive email design comes in. Using CSS3 coding technique called “media queries,” you can design your email to automatically re-format and re-size itself to optimize for whatever screen size your recipient is using to read your email. It can also be used to hide non-essential elements of the email from the mobile reader, thus making sure the main call-to-action of the email is easily found, and can change various other elements of the email, including text size and color, background images and background color. (continue @ReturnPath )



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