Top 7 Newsletter Email Marketing Templates to Maximize Conversions

Many website owners mistakenly believe that email marketing newsletters are of little or no use in a social media age. The mainstream view is that the only people who receive newsletters are those who forget to untick the ‘by ticking this box you agree to receiving our email marketing newsletter’ box. However this actually could not be further away from the truth.

Many companies underestimate the power that email newsletters hold and for this reason alone do not pay much attention to the newsletters that they do send. These generic and boring newsletters are emailed out in the thousands and predictably generate an extremely poor response. So with this knowledge does it not make sense to adopt the use of creative, colourful and non-generic email marketing newsletters for your business? Doing this will allow you to gain the upper hand for your business and really maximise sales and it really does make a big difference– so here’s how do it!

The first bit of advice is that you may need to spend a little bit of money in order to get the perfect set of templates. Don’t worry, the cost really is minimal when you consider the increased amount of sales that you will be able to achieve. There are a few really amazing email software providers that offer templates at a reasonable cost.

Here are the top 7 newsletter email marketing templates that will maximise conversations and get you results!

1. Corporate Communication

The design of this template is perfect for showing potential clients all the products that you offer. The template design allows for a large image, a set off smaller images, links directly to your website and also links to your social media. This is an excellent way to get clients talking about your products: with the easy accessibility to all social media platforms, people will be talking about your products in no time.

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2. Post Man

This stylish template comes with multiple layout options perfect for email marketing. It is ideal for maximising conversation as it is specifically designed to be cross-browser compatible. This means that all clients on all browsers will be able to view your newsletter, meaning a greater amount of people will see your products. Again, it also allows for links to social media and forums – but uses a much more minimalist touch,

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3. Corporate Newsletter Template V1

Don’t let the word corporate put you off, this template is also perfectly suited for use by small businesses as well as larger corporations. This template is elegant and ultra-clean, available in a variety of colours and layouts. A tried and tested favourite, it is compatible in all email clients. The side bar allows links to blogs and social media, which will really get customers talking.

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4. Cielo Newsletter

This template is designed to be used for a wide range of purposes so is suited for all businesses and products. As communication with clients is a top priority in the design of this template, it is ideal for really increasing conversations in both client-to-client and client-to-business interactions. Cielo comes with a section on its sidebar for company news, a brilliant advantage as it allows individuals to not only talk about one specific product but also about the entire business at the same time. This can be used to establish a large following for your company by making your newsletter more appealing.

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5. The Minimalist Template

A simple, bright and colourful design that can be adapted for many different uses. Perfect for email marketing as less cluttered newsletters tend to get a greater response, as they have easy readability and get straight to the point. This design allows for a number of headlines so there can be more than one topic of conversation in each newsletter.

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6. Sensation

Modern and clean this is an ideal template for an email marketing newsletter. Complete with 4 layout options and 8 colour variations, clients will never get bored each time your newsletter arrives in their inbox. It allows for a number of articles in each newsletter with a unique box especially for a feature article. Without a doubt the use of a feature article will create interactions and really get conversations flowing.

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7. 3D Shelf

This template really is a true display of superb design work for an email template. 3D Shelf is an original template appropriate for any business. The design incorporates the use of large icons for all social media sites, in its 3D design. This template is instantly appealing and is by far a real winner when it comes to maximising the amount of people that read your newsletter and getting that conversation around your product started.

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So here you go, the 7 most useful plugins that you can use to get the most out of your conversions. If you are a small business owner or a self-employed entrepreneur, you will definitely find these plugins essential to your online toolbox. If you used any of them before, let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

This article was written by Endre Rex-Kiss, an online marketing specialist and occasional guest blogger. He represents Jangomail, the industry standard email service provider.

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Endre Rex-Kiss is a small business advocate with a keen interest in sustainability and green tech. He currently works for Jangomail, an email marketing and newsletter system provider.

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