Corporate Email–The Ugly Stepchild?

When did corporate email become the ugly step child?

I feel that over the last decade or so we’ve done a full swing when it comes to our use of digital channels for corporate communications. On one side we’ve used the heck out of email to the point where we are all drowning in email and having to file email bankruptcy. Then we all ran to the side of ensuring you pick-up your phone and call someone vs. sending tons of email. Now we are running with our hair on fire using multiple social media channels internally to help all of us stay connecting. (of course still getting the email notification someone mentioned you in a social channel)

Let me start by saying, Email is sill a VALID communication channel whether corporate or consumer based and in many cases should still be used. Not looked upon as the old way of doing things or the bothersome way of communicating.

As an example of when I think it might ok to use it?

  • I’m on a 4 hour plane flight so I can’t call someone from 37,000 feet.
  • I am on the road in back to back meetings with little time to actually pick-up the phone without seeming rude.
  • I am several times zones back and to top if off have been behind those few weeks of travel so that when I get up in the morning I’m either behind OR late in the day finally coming down off schedule that I then can’t call those ahead of me now
  • Sometimes the situation needs to be dealt with swiftly, so I keep the decisions moving forward by emailing. (see point 1 above)
  • I might be out the next day due to family scheduling and won’t be working as far as I know. (or that I will let the wife know)
  • Some issues like these should have an email trail so that when there is question we can go back and see what was decided on
  • Getting so many people the same message its just easier on email vs. making 15 calls, if you can.

Yes, I agree that phone calls are the fastest way sometimes and non-bothersome, but there are times in which it just can’t be done. I think we’ve swung to far in the no-email corporate culture here at times. Things do get solved in email and we shouldn’t dismiss it so quickly. That might be the person who can only use it at that time to communicate to be a part of the conversation and team.

I’m all for completing the conversation to get this behind us. Just let some of us do it where we can and don’t assume we all can social post or pick up a phone at that moment or in that thread.

What are your thoughts on corporate communications? How or what should support them?


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