Daily Delivery – 50 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Daily Delivery – 50 Ways to Grow Your Email List

50 Ways to Grow Your Email List

By Casey Swanton @ReturnPath 11/13/12

Increasing both the size and quality of a brand’s email list is often a top priority for marketers, and with good reason.  Not only does the email channel typically show a high ROI when compared to other direct marketing channels, it offers marketers a means to further engage and inform their subscribers.  Additionally, email can be integrated with other channels to augment outreach efforts and enhance overall campaign performance.

The following recommendations can help increase the number of successful email sign-ups by increasing exposure for the email program and making it easy for email prospects to find and complete the opt-in process.

The Basics: Build a Foundation for Positive Subscriber Experiences

1.       Regardless of which methods you employ to grow your list, make sure that your approach is subscriber-centric and user-friendly.  A primary goal of building an email list should be to create a rewarding and satisfying subscriber experience from the initial opt-in to the re-engagement email and beyond.

2.       Include clear permissioning on all opt-in pages and forms.  Setting expectations with new subscribers is essential for growing an engaged and happy subscriber base.

3.       Leveraging a splash page that focuses on the email opt-in is a great way to grow a subscriber base for major launches, new brand awareness strategies, upcoming key events and any other promotion that depends on building anticipation as well as an email list.

4.       Give prospects an easy way out of the subscription process and back into your website content if they chose not to opt in.  This sounds counterintuitive, but prospects who have a positive brand experience are more likely to opt-in down the line.  Additionally, these same site visitors may choose to opt-in on another page once they have had more time to explore your content.

5.       Create a simplified, mobile-friendly landing page that includes an overview of email program benefits, an opt-in, and basic navigation back to the main website.   This ensures that a greater audience will be easily able to opt-in. (continue @ReturnPath)


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