Daily Delivery – Make Your Christmas Email Pay

Daily Delivery – Make Your Christmas Email Pay

Online Retailers: Make Christmas Pay and Kick Start 2013 with Email Marketing

By John w Hayes @B2Community 11/5/12

If you run an online retail business that has never sent an email marketing message to its customers before, you should circle December 26th on your calendar. This is because, with a little encouragement from me, this is the date you are going to send your very first email marketing campaign and, as a result, really kick start 2013.

Yes – I know what you are thinking – with Christmas around the corner, I’m just too busy to think about email marketing now. But if you start giving your email marketing a little thought, you should still have plenty of time to get your lists and initial campaign ideas in order, as well as cope with the Christmas rush. Email marketing will also help you profit from the holiday period and ensure all that extra work and marketing spend continue to reap rewards long into the new year. And don’t panic if you were planning to spend Boxing Day in bed, sleeping off all that hard work (not to mention that massive turkey dinner), good email marketing software will help you automate the process so you won’t need to be anywhere near a computer on the big day.

Just a thought – if you are not too busy right now, you could be in trouble – you might want to start thinking about sending some emails now.

Q. Why would I want to start my first email marketing campaign on December 26th?

A. Lots of reasons

1. It is one of the busiest ecommerce days of the year

2. You’ve undoubtedly spent a small fortune acquiring lots of new customers in the lead up to Christmas which may have actually significantly eroded your profit margins. Boxing Day is a great time to re-target theses customers and perhaps offer complimentary products to those purchased over the previous weeks (shoes to match that bag, a case for that new iPad or more games for that games console). Email is often referred to as retention marketing and retaining customers makes for bigger profits.

3. There is still plenty cash going around after Christmas (it’s either been gifted or saved for the January sales).

4. It is a great way to clear Christmas stock and make room for new lines.

5. The longer you remain disengaged, the more likely your hard won customers will forget all about you.

6. Your Boxing Day email will be viewed on lots of brand new devices (I don’t know how many smart phones, tablet computers, etc. etc. will be gifted this season – but it’s going to be literally millions) (continue @B2Community)


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