One more reason why you want to acquire email addresses and not Facebook Likes

When people ask, “Isn’t email dead?” I often ask them if they would rather have 10,000 email addresses or 10,000 Facebook Likes. Everyone immediately realizes that email isn’t going anywhere. The response rate will be significantly higher for an email marketing campaign than posting a message to your Facebook Page. It’s only getting worse, as Facebook buries Page messages more and more so that they don’t appear in your Newsfeed.

To make matters worse, Facebook is now letting advertisers pay to post to people’s Newsfeed, almost as if mailbox providers would let you pay to send an unsolicited commercial email right into a user’s Inbox. What is so ironic about this is that Facebook has encouraged marketers to pay to advertise on Facebook to acquire more Likes for their Page, but now is hiding the messages they send to those users and giving priority to paid advertisers that have no social / Like connection to the user. In other words, they want you to pay to get Likes and then pay again to send messages to those users.

It’s like they were charging you to acquire email addresses and then charging you again for every email message you send.

This is the danger of a closed messaging system. Email needs to stay open and not be controlled by one entity.

The funny side-effect of this is that with social ads, you can comment on them for others to see. Combined, with Social Ads, this can create some unexpected and embarrassing situations this is one I saw in my newsfeed today.

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