Daily Delivery – Charts to Change Your Email

Daily Delivery – Charts to Change Your Email

5 Charts That Could Change Your Email Marketing

By Jesse Noyes @Eloqua 11/29/12

Email is a solid part of the modern marketing mix. It’s not going anywhere.

But like any practice, it can get stale, even ineffective, if you’re not trying different tactics and using fresh data. That’s why we regularly bring benchmarking data on how customers are using email and the results they see with our Chart of the Week project.

We wanted to package a few of the choicest charts on email marketing here. You’ll probably want to print these out and keep them near your desk, or email them to colleagues.

1. More Emails Don’t Mean More Click-Throughs
We’ve all heard it before: Less is more.

Every organization needs to look at how frequency impacts conversions, and ultimately leads. We examined 6 billion emails and found that an increase in the number of emails sent to a contact may lead to more read emails, but not more click-throughs. It’s a balancing act – and you’ll want to be on the right side of it.


2. Make it Work for the Weekend
The best time to send an email is on Monday, right? Well, no.

It may be the time people are settling back into work, but our analysis of 1.5 billion emails shows weekends might be better. In fact, the highest click-through rates came from emails sent on Sunday. Meanwhile, the number of marketers taking advantage of the weekends is low. (continue @Eloqua)


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