Daily Delivery – 12 B2B Email Marketing Tips

Daily Delivery – 12 B2B Email Marketing Tips

12 B2B Marketing Tips

By Sundeep Kapur @EmailYogi 1/31/13

Here are 12 practical and effective ideas to boost the value of your B2B email marketing program.

1) Create Online Business Cards – insert a picture of the rep into the email campaign, this helps in three ways, it keeps the rep in front of the customer, it offers consistency (as the company sending the email controls the message) and it looks good.
2) Create Personal Reminders – This is the equivalent of a F2F and allows the rep to send out different types of emails. Don’t forget tomorrow’s call or Thank you for your time – each of these can be packaged into personal reminders that the rep now has at their disposal to send to customers and prospects.
3) Super-Duper Deals – If there is a special rate or promotion, send it out from the rep instead of the company, this creates goodwill and gives the rep talking points when they call on the customer or prospect. Personal coupon codes and private events are ways to execute this.
4) Use a Secret Code – Use a little personalization to drive customers to an event; again this creates talking points, promotes the program and seems to unite the team. Have the prospect use the secret code to get in.
5) What’s Up – Be sure your reps know about the communiqués being sent. I’ve received some great B2B emails, and in three instances I decided to call them back – I struck out every time. Not one of the three people who were listed on these campaigns had any clue about the offer or the email program. I sheepishly crawled away, quickly unsubscribing from their list.
6) Return phone Calls – In other instances I have left messages based on email campaigns received, I’m still waiting for my phone to ring. This is across industries; I have multiple messages out there at a resort property, a printer (new brochures) and a software company (looking to introduce a colleague). Common courtesy demands that we pay attention to returning phone calls – especially when it’s being requested. The purpose of email from these companies was to create interest and induce a response… they were half successful.
7) Superior Service – When people request information from you make sure you take very good care of them. Remember, these people have taken extra effort to respond to your email – notice what they clicked on and use that to initiate a dialogue with them. Respond quickly but not in real time else they will feel that they are being tracked.
8) Surveys and Preferences – Surveys work very well in the B2B environment, as recipients are more inclined to answer something that’s not exactly about them. Three very good twists to incorporate include the offer (i.e. copy of a published report), something with mystery(intriguing questions that are slightly off target work well) and the recurring approach – shorter surveys that are quarterly compounded (requiring less commitment from the recipient) are great and can be built upon by saying “this is what you have been saying.” The final example is a great way to leverage interaction using preferences and creating more conversations. (continue @EmailYogi)


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