Daily Delivery – How to Engage.. Survey Says

Daily Delivery – How to Engage.. Survey Says

 Email Marketing: 6 Things You Should Know

By Julie Strickland @Inc 1/15/13

Email old-fashioned? Not according to a new report.

The increasingly old-school medium, turns out, is the preeminent way to draw trafficto your company’s website and increase sales revenues, according to an Experiansurvey released Monday. The marketing service provider surveyed email marketers across eight different business areas about their email marketing initiatives and strategies.

These days, email marketing is all about balancing individualized, thoughtful customer service with advancing technology. Here are a few tidbits you should know.

1. How you engage matters. As customers grow ever more powerful and vocal, your business can no longer afford to irritate them with spam and irrelevant messages. Tracking behavior and gathering subscriber preferences can be worth the time and attention to ensure that customers are only receiving the most effective information.

2. If you’re going to ask a customer for personal information, use it. A whopping 70 percent of marketers surveyed ask for personal data but continue to send generic, uniform messages. This is a missed opportunity that can backfire big time. If a customer makes the effort to give your business his personal details, he expects a more finely tailored communication experience.

3. Surveys are huge. More than 70 percent of the marketers surveyed collect customer data via feedback surveys, and the completion rates are strong even when there is no incentive to fill it in. The surveys most commonly supported in emails are post-purchase, customer service, and online experience. (continue @Inc)


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