Daily Delivery – Why You Can’t Forget Email

Daily Delivery – Why You Can’t Forget Email

Don’t Forget Email Marketing; 13 Reasons

By Dale Traxler @PracticalEcommerce 1/11/13

With all the focus on social media, it seems that email marketing is almost an afterthought for many companies. Email may not be trendy, but it’s cheap, easy to measure, and easy to target. It’s a good place to do testing, it keeps your brand visible, and at the end of the day it delivers results.

Why Email Marketing for Ecommerce Merchants?

Here are 13 reasons.

  • Click through rates are still higher than online advertising. That’s 3.1 percent average click through in the U.S., according to a 2012 study by Silverpop, an email service provider. If you build a list of 10,000, then you’ll likely have 1,500 people open your mail and around 300 click to your promotion.
  • Lists are easy to build. For online retailers, it’s easy to grow your email list by promoting it on your website and through your social media channels. Unsubscribe rates are typically low, so your list will almost always grow.
  • You can deliver effective content to your customers. Don’t just send email promotions. Talk about your industry, trends, new products, even what you did on your summer vacation. Use emails as a way to connect more personally with your customers. You have more space than you do on Facebook or Twitter — take advantage of it.
  • Lists are easily segmented for easy targeting. Subscribers can easily choose the lists they want to be on — by frequency, product or interest. Retailers can mine customer order histories to target specific products, with much success. (continue @PracticalEcommerce)



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