Top 5 Reasons Your Newsletter Will Go To Spam

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Newsletters should be a slam dunk for your email program.  Recipients have signed up to receive them, they’re expecting them every week or month, and your great about removing hard bounces and making sure everyone’s opted in…  so what’s the catch?  Here’s the top 5 reasons why your newsletter will still won’t reach your recipients inbox.


#1. Cold IPs

So you only send a monthly newsletter and you’ve taken a bunch of effort to segment your mail streams over separate IPs?  Well, be sure not to let your newsletter IPs sit too stagnant or they might get cold causing your next month’s newsletter to be a surprise to the ISPs you’re delivering too.  If the IP’s have lost their reputation from not having mail sent across them in some time, you may notice a surprising drop in deliverability, or even a slowed delivery rate due to throttling by ISPs.

#2. Unusual Bursting

Bursting with large amounts of mail like a newsletter very infrequently may continue to lead to delivery issues.  Try segmenting your mail, maybe send different portions of the list over various days.  You may find that different users are more engaged on different days rather than trying to get all your users to engage on the same day every week.  Being able to tailor your email lists to this sort of segmentation will raise your engagement rates, help your deliverability, and set you up for success.

#3. Content

Make sure to test your content ahead of time.  Subject lines and body content aren’t weighed as heavily as engagement, but there are still some items that may impact your deliverability.  Heavy spam-weight words and link shorteners are some of the most common issues, but be sure to send some test emails first to make sure you’re in the clear.

#4. Improperly Setup Infrastructure

If you’ve had any changes to your infrastructure, or even if you haven’t, you’ll want to make sure you have the basics covered.  Monitor things like blacklists, reverse and forward DNS settings, and make sure your bounces and feedback loops are in proper working order.  If you’re using an email service provider you’ll probably be in good hands.

#5. Incomplete List Maintenance

Make sure you’ve completed removing any complaints, unsubscribes or bounces from your last mailing.  Continuing to mail these email addresses will cause your IPs and domains to develop a poor sending reputation and develop into deliverability issues.


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