Daily Delivery – Grow Your Email Marketing List Now

Daily Delivery – Grow Your Email Marketing List Now

How to: 17 Ways to Effectively Grow Your Email Marketing List Right Now

By David George @Heyo

The rumors are ringing. They say – Email marketing is dead. Social Media is king.

But I say, WAIT! Not so fast. Consider the following statistics:

  • Daily Twitter updates: 174 Million (on a busy day)
  • Daily Facebook posts: 1 Billion
  • Daily email messages: 188 Billion

That’s right, folks – 188 Billion emails go out each and every day. That’s more than Facebook and Twitter combined!

If you haven’t started developing your email marketing list, it’s not too late. And for those of you who have already started, read on to learn 17 ways you can grow your email marketing list right now…

 17 Ways to Effectively Grow Your Email Marketing List

1. Create incredible email content.

You have to keep those unsubs low, baby. Give your messages personality and life by using images, videos, and other things like infographics to relate to and interest your readers.

2. Place your sign-up form in prominent places around the web.

Include it on your website, social media outlets, and it definitely should be visible on nearly every page of your blog.

3. Hold a webinar.

Use the weinar service (e.g. gotomeeting.com) and require people to register via email address. Use these email addresses to provide follow-ups to the webinar and a way for the webinar viewers to receive value-added content, like a whitepaper or a free course or product trial.

4. Run an online contest.

Hold a free give-away for something awesome, and require people to opt-in with their email address to enter. If your offer is good enough, people won’t even blink at the thought of giving you their precious email address in exchange for this delicacy.

5. Link your Twitter bio to an opt-in page.

Putting your website link in your Twitter bio is an obvious strategy. But what do we know as smart marketers – that linking to a landing page with a direct call-to-action is going to have a much higher conversion rate over sending them to the homepage of your website.

Amy Porterfield does a great job with this link and call-to-action in her twitter bio. Also, notice how she has more than one link in her bio as well. Pretty smooth, huh? And yes, it’s clickable too.

grow your email marketing list

Quick Tip: Want to make nice, clean links for your content? You can use the Pretty Link WordPress plugin to make … well, pretty links like Amy’s above!

6. Click-to-tweet to publicize and share your sign-up page.

This is really cool, and very effective when done correctly. On your sign-up page, provide something of extra value (a meaningful quote or statistic) and make it easily sharable. Here’s the cool part – after the meaningful quip, use the Click to Tweet tool to give readers an easy one-click option to “Tweet this.”

Here’s the effective part – when you setup your “Tweet this” link, you have the ability to create pre-made tweet content for your readers to send out. In this 140-character message, include the link to your sign-up page. And just like that, readers will be sharing your sign-up page with their networks, benefitting both parties. (continue @Heyo)


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