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I have to say, I was quite impressed this morning when I awoke and found a one of those what you think will be a dreaded spam email starting with “You’re receiving this message, because…” Yes, you all know what I’m talking about. You know, the spammer who sent you a marketing email for some drug of the month and that you made this list because they bought your name from a list company who said you would enjoy an email from them because a number within your birthdate was on an even numbered month or something stupid excuse like that.

However, this wasn’t one of those emails. As some of you know I will find any excuse, conference or otherwise to go skiing. I love the snow especially being from Texas. As such, I rent equipment all the time from the local shops at those resorts. To be honest, to date I haven’t been signed up for any marketing. I usually have to go scrounge around for coupons online for lift tickets and ski rentals to make it cheaper from time to time.

This morning, I got my first “welcome” message to Jans Mountain Outfitters

What I loved about this piece was a few things

  1. It was honest. There wasn’t a lot of BS as to why I received this email. It simply said I did something with them at one point. Didn’t give 100 reasons, but just a few simple ones in which all basically matched me
  2. Had an immediate unsubscribe link/image near the top. Large, red, and somewhat asking me to click it. Even had a yellow target in the shape of an envelope.
  3. Explained to about a possibility of them making a mistake since they “upgraded” their systems. This made me chuckle actually as I immediately thought, moved ESP’s ;)Infusionsoft, which some of their email headers are non-standard like (Message-Id: <1809644751.22091360821061267.JavaMail.tomcat@chase), but I will leave that for a more technical nature future piece

  4. Easy to read either in a mobile device or other medium of your choice.
  5. The message was short and sweet without stuffing advertising in it as well.

I have to be honest, as a anti-spammer at heart I was was a little defensive in the first few nano-seconds, but quickly changed my mind because how they treated me in this. They treated me like a human being and not an campaign asset.

For what its worth, I did NOT unsubscribe even though in all they made it easy for me to.

Anyways, I thought it would be nice to share with you my thoughts this morning when I went to check email first thing (email is not dead).


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