Send Customers What They Asked For, Don’t Lie

A quick lesson this cold Winter Texas morning here. I had thought I signed up for one thing, but woke up this morning to something completely different. I own a few security cameras from different manufactures to protect properties like most of us do today. They are great in that they capture every movement outside and sometimes inside to ensure no one unauthorized is on our properties. From time to time though these devices, like many in our lives, require an upgrade to ensure they are up to date with the latest features or bug fixes. Some manufactures will email you when updates are available vs. you checking in every few weeks or months through a myriad of website pages. I even have televisions in the house that are now upgradable from the Internet. So you can image the more devices like these you have the more you have to consider upgrading on a regular basis even when it’s purely security issues related to the upgrade.

In this case, I have a Foscam camera that seems to have more upgrades available to it than most. So, this week I decided to sign up for the email alerts. To be honest, I was highly impressed with their confirmed opt-in strategy. Sign up on their site and they send you a confirmation email that you HAVE to click on. The sign-up page is VERY specific that this is for Firmware and as you can see from the email, it states the same. The email even has the IP that I used to sign-up with. Impressive!


The follow up email after the confirmation then has the links for different camera’s firmware. I download what I needed and successfully upgraded the camera.


However, this morning I awoke to an advertisement email from Foscam. No mentioned even at the bottom of new Firmware updates. 100% an advertisement.


I was a bit shocked by this considering recalling how SPECIFIC they were about the opt-in process AND through that process seeing the words FIRMWARE and nothing else about advertisements. I even checked my subscription status that is powered by AWeber (not blaming Aweber here). Sure enough, I have only subscribed to firmware emails and again its very specific to that. So, what gives Foscam?


It really goes without saying, but it seems we all need a reminder from time to time. Ensure your using the information entrusted to you by the consumers exactly as you promised them. Stay on message with the consumer and don’t think for them. I didn’t want marketing from Foscam. All I wanted was a timely reminder about Firmware updates to my device.

What will end up happening here is I will unsubscribe from this really soon if I see a second advertisement email. Big loss for Foscam and myself to be honest.

Send customers what they asked for and nothing else brands. Respect consumers choices and this case don’t lie.

FWIW, I’m willing to concede that Foscam has a broken process in marketing and accidentally sent these to he wrong list.


Don’t Just Send, Deliver!

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Don’t Just Send, Deliver!

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