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Top 4 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Season

Top 4 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Season

Uncategorized - October 4, 2013 - Comments Off

We recently held a webinar where we discussed  important planning tips as we enter the holiday season.  Most online businesses are preparing to take advantage of the many enormous shopping days online with everything from black friday, cyber monday or even green monday deals.  Here’s the top 4 things you should think about with regards [...]

What You Need To Know As Yahoo! Recycles Old Email Addresses

What You Need To Know As Yahoo! Recycles Old Email Addresses

Best Practices, Best Practices/Standards - July 11, 2013 - Comments Off

In mid-June, Yahoo! announced that they will be re-introducing email addresses that have been inactive on Yahoo! platforms for the past 12 months. They’ll be doing this by allowing users to sign up for the email address they’ve always wanted in mid-July and by mid-August, they’ll let those users know which ones they received. This [...]

Why Low Bounce and Complaint Metrics is Not Enough

Why Low Bounce and Complaint Metrics is Not Enough

Best Practices, Best Practices/Standards, Reputation, Reputation/Whitelist - May 20, 2013 - Comments Off

Much like judging a book by its cover, you can’t judge an email campaign solely by metrics like bounces and complaints alone. While working for an Email Service Provider (ESP), we’ve seen a vast array of senders have email campaigns where bounces and complaints were routinely low, but over time, email consistently landed in the spam folder. [...]

Deliverability Metrics: When To Take Action?

Deliverability Metrics: When To Take Action?

Best Practices, Metrics - February 12, 2013 - Comments Off

Last week at the 2013 Email Evolution Conference (#EEC13), I led a roundtable discussion on list management.  This is a broad subject that can be highly varied based on the particulars of your business, industry and customers, but we discussed the in’s and out’s on segmenting metrics for sending, reporting and monitoring your email stream. [...]

Top 5 Reasons Your Newsletter Will Go To Spam

Top 5 Reasons Your Newsletter Will Go To Spam

Best Practices, Best Practices/Standards, Blacklisting, Feedback Loops, ISP, Reputation - January 4, 2013 - Comments Off

  Newsletters should be a slam dunk for your email program.  Recipients have signed up to receive them, they’re expecting them every week or month, and your great about removing hard bounces and making sure everyone’s opted in…  so what’s the catch?  Here’s the top 5 reasons why your newsletter will still won’t reach your [...]

Macro and Micro Email Deliverability

Best Practices - November 13, 2012 - Comments Off

When it comes to helping others with email deliverability challenges, I like to take an approach similar to that taken in economics. The study of economics is often broken down into micro and macro viewpoints. Email should be no different. In macroeconomics, economists study the behaviors of the entire economy, growth rates, etc… In microeconomics, [...]

Top 5 Best Practices for changing a newsletter’s sending address

Best Practices, Reputation - October 16, 2012 - Comments Off

A co-worker recently came to our deliverability team at Dyn and asked for some suggestions on how to manage the process of changing the send from address for our customer newsletters.  Here’s the top 5 things we considered when making a change like this: 1. Keep it relevant  Last thing your user base is interested [...]

Getting to the Bottom of a Deliverability Issue

Best Practices/Standards, ISP - September 11, 2012 - 2 Comments

After you have uncovered that you may have some bulking going on, you will need to get a rough understanding as to what the underlying causes might be before being able to put a corrective action in place.  Here are the some of the main things to look at: IP / Sending Domain Reputations Reputation [...]

Increase the Bottom Line with Deliverability Monitoring via @mikeveilleux

ISP, Metrics - August 14, 2012 - Comments Off

We all know that email delivery is truly (and should be) at the core of many business’s revenue streams. Every quarter, there are many difficult conversations about how deliverability has negatively affected the bottom line at various companies.  Most of the time, these conversations lead to being more conservative on who and how often you [...]

Where does Deliverability live in your organization?

Best Practices - July 10, 2012 - Comments Off

Email deliverability is a job that requires constant care and attention within any organization.  The question often is, who is the best to attend to this?  I see this being answered two ways Marketing – Those who know the customer Engineering – Those that develop the applications From my perspective as the Director of Email [...]

Treating Email Delivery Like a Discussion: Here’s to Long Friendships and Some Great Conversations!

Best Practices - June 12, 2012 - Comments Off

The key to bulk email delivery is remembering to treat each message as a discussion where the rules of any socially acceptable conversation still apply. Introductions In any conversation you may traditionally introduce yourself at the beginning.  This is the same with email delivery with welcome and activation emails.  This is your chance to set [...]

2 Great Methods for Measuring Deliverability

Best Practices, ISP, Metrics - May 15, 2012 - Comments Off

How should you be expected to manage an email program without an understanding of how it has been doing?  The reality is you can’t.  Without having a constant measurement of how your email programs are performing it will be difficult to understand how the ever-changing landscape of your user base, content, and email filtering is impacting [...]