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Google’s Flagrant Violation of the CAN SPAM Act

Ask the Experts, CAN SPAM, Compliance, Legal/Regulatory, Permission, Unsubscribe - August 6, 2013 - 8 Comments

By Jordan Cohen and John Caldwell We’re going to go ahead and say it: Google’s “new ad units” that look and act a lot like email marketing messages represent a flagrant violation of the CAN SPAM Act and also a potential Section 5 deceptive practices violation. Google insinuates that only legitimate promotional emails will be [...]

Preference Centres Without Preferences

Preference Centres Without Preferences

Best Practices/Standards, Dennis Dayman, Permission - May 6, 2013 - 2 Comments

<pitch> So, many of you know that Eloqua was acquired by Oracle into what we are calling Oracle Marketing Automation Cloud which will continue and support  the journey to modern marketing. </pitch> As we go though this transition I am myself needing to make changes to my daily interactions with people including the changing of [...]

Let’s Play “Is This A Commercial Message Or Not”

Let’s Play “Is This A Commercial Message Or Not”

Best Practices/Standards, CAN SPAM, Compliance, Dennis Dayman, Legal/Regulatory, Permission, Unsubscribe - January 10, 2013 - Comments Off

From time to time we receive emails from some “Sales Representative” (it’s their title) who sends us a “personal” reach out email trying to reserve a time to chat about their offering. When you look at the message you know you don’t know this person or brand, never had a past conversation with them, nor [...]

Choice Should Be the Default

Best Practices/Standards, Dennis Dayman, Permission - July 6, 2012 - Comments Off

Repost from my ClickZ column. A few weeks ago was an interesting one for me in terms of how much “unsolicited” marketing I received – not just in email, but also in phone calls. That week was the primary election here in the United States, which normally causes a huge blitz in marketing of candidates; [...]

The Four P’s of Marketing + One More for Deliverability

Best Practices, Permission - April 12, 2012 - Comments Off

It’s been five decades now since Michigan State professor E. Jerome McCarthy proposed that the key components of a successful marketing plan include the “Four ‘P’s.”  Those ‘P’s: Product, Price, Place and Promotion as being key components of the marketing mix. All four of these items need to be in place, and aligned with actual [...]

Email Deliverability Sarcasm Part 2 (and why you should never go on vacation)

Best Practices/Standards, Permission, Unsubscribe - February 14, 2012 - 1 Comment

Wednesday Afternoon, 3:43 p.m. EST. Me:  We are blacklisted at Yahoo and Hotmail. Them: Why? What does that mean? Me: Well…in short, we are blocked and our email is not getting through. Them:  That’s a problem huh?  Why are we not getting through. Me: Seems like we were sending emails to a lot of address’ [...]

Privacy Policy Changes Need Love Too.

Best Practices, Best Practices/Standards, Compliance, Legal/Regulatory, Permission - November 8, 2011 - Comments Off

In many organizations there tends to be a lot of moving parts in many areas of the company. One such moving part which doesn’t seem to garner that much attention internally is when companies make changes to their privacy policy to better reflect their strategy as it relates to tracking and targeting. When changes are [...]

MAAWG publishes position on Email Appending

MAAWG publishes position on Email Appending

Best Practices/Standards, Current Affairs, Permission, Reputation - September 18, 2011 - Comments Off

This past week the MAAWG board approved the publishing of our position on Email Appending. As you know, in marketing terms, “appending” is the practice of taking demographic information known (or assumed) to be related to a particular customer and matching it with other data. “Email appending” is also known as “e-appending” or “e-pending.” It [...]

How to gain my confirmation

How to gain my confirmation

Best Practices/Standards, Permission - July 1, 2011 - Comments Off

By giving away free stuff!!! Well DUH you say and I could just end this post here, but I’m not going to. About a week ago I taught the twins how to do flips into the pool. Taught really isn’t the word I need to be using here. More like they followed my “example” when [...]

Money and Lists Sizes Aren’t Everything

Best Practices, Permission - May 20, 2011 - Comments Off

Reposted from my ClickZ column. —— Money and list sizes aren’t everything. OK, maybe money is everything and here’s hoping you get lots of it, but the size of one’s email target list size doesn’t indicate how successful you will be now or in the future. Last week, I had the pleasure again to speak [...]

Are you being a hyper-transparant brand?

Are you being a hyper-transparant brand?

Best Practices, Current Affairs, Legal/Regulatory, Permission - April 6, 2011 - Comments Off

Just a thought that hit me today as I read the Twitter Trends related to the Epsilon breach. I was a bit surprised that many of the end-users who have received an alert email/letter from those brands affected by the breach say that they did NOT know their data was hosted elsewhere other than who they trusted [...]

Fishbowls Aren't Always As Transparent As You Think…

Abuse, Permission - March 3, 2011 - 6 Comments

REPOSTED from my ClickZ column. —— About a week ago, I received a “spam” message promoting a virus protection company’s anti-spam products. At first, I was a bit floored that it was from an anti-spam company when I didn’t ask…