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Sponsored Post: Learn the Technical Requirements of Successful Email Campaigns

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Message Systems invites you to Learn the Technical Requirements for High-Volume, Highly Successful Email Delivery on March 20th, 11am-12 (Pacific) Some companies send quite a lot of email, if they interact with their customers on a regular basis. But no matter how much companies send, they do it for the same reason: to keep their [...]

Does Email Marketing Effect Google PageRank?

Best Practices/Standards - December 6, 2011 - Comments Off

If you run a website, you’re probably very familiar with Google PageRank (PR) as a tool for measuring your success; however you may not be aware of exactly how it works or what kind of real effectiveness it has.  Looking at the little green bar on the top of the screen is great, but what [...]

Start Thinking Like an ISP

ISP - November 21, 2011 - Comments Off

The post below comes from guest contributors Dave Lewis (CMO) and Mike Hillyer (Director of Solutions Engineering) of Message Systems. Why do enterprises and ESPs need to adopt more rigorous messaging security measures? Today’s most dangerous forms of messaging abuse are no longer the broad, indiscriminate attacks of the past, flooding ISPs with spoofed email [...]

The passing of a great mind and great friend

Uncategorized - November 17, 2011 - Comments Off

This is a hard post for me this morning and I won’t spend much time trying to make it a eloquent post here as I believe many, many others have done a much better job of this and I just not sure I can’t make it though it without crying again. Our friend J.D. Falk lost [...]

Making Sense of Email Marketing Metrics

Best Practices, Metrics - November 14, 2011 - Comments Off

As my first post here on Deliverability.com, I first want to say that I am excited to be part of this great community along with all the other amazing contributors here. Secondly, I want to say that while I know that a lot has been said and written about how important metrics are and the [...]

Tips and Tricks: Leveraging Transactional Emails for Marketing Success

Best Practices/Standards, CAN SPAM - October 27, 2011 - Comments Off

Traditionally, when we hear the phrase “marketing email”, we have visions of colorful HTML newsletters, complete with entertaining images, witty headlines and eye-grabbing call-to-action buttons. We imagine these emails being sent out to a list of users, customers, fans and subscribers. Perhaps the message is delivered in different variations  – a subject line change here [...]

Link Shorteners and Blacklists

Best Practices - October 26, 2011 - Comments Off

Link shorteners like bit.ly are handy ways to send a long URL to someone using just a few characters. And while they’re nothing new (TinyURL turns 10 in January 2012), they’ve become particularly popular over the past few years as Twitter and other tools have made us all mindful of using as few characters in [...]

Retention Programs Start With Defining An Inactive

Best Practices/Standards - October 18, 2011 - Comments Off

I have been reading a lot of posts recently on how you should reactivate your inactive subscriber base.  Some email pundits agree that with a good strategy and program you can reactivate a portion of your subscriber base to life and once again make revenue off of them. Other people say that reactivation programs don’t [...]

ESP Forums:  A Scarce Commodity

ESP Forums: A Scarce Commodity

Uncategorized - June 28, 2011 - Comments Off

Forums are discussion boards, also known as message boards, that enable members of a site to interact with each other by exchanging knowledge and discussing hot topics related to specific industries. Forums save and post specific information about particular topics, which creates active, specialized, and high-quality discussion environments. However, in the ESP community, forums are [...]

Thank You ‘Deliverability’ Department

Thank You ‘Deliverability’ Department

Best Practices/Standards - June 28, 2011 - Comments Off

Reposted from my ClickZ column. ——- For those who know me, I regularly contribute to the start-up environment here in the North Texas region, which is a great place for any company to start. I’m a partner in a mentor-driven technology start-up accelerator. I mention this because of a recent spam compliance story involving me, my [...]

Why Obsess Over Email Deliverability? Its Effect on ROI

Best Practices, Best Practices/Standards - June 27, 2011 - 1 Comment

Your email delivery rate has a direct impact on your email marketing ROI. The difference between an 88% delivery rate and an 89% delivery rate is far more than a measly 1%. It’s money in your pocket. Well, not in your pocket. Here’s why it matters…and how hard it can be. The bottom-line benefit to [...]

Empowering a Proactive Approach to Deliverability Management

Best Practices - June 3, 2011 - 1 Comment

The post below comes from guest contributor Barry Abel, VP of Field Operations at Message Systems. Earlier in May I posted here about the changing nature of delivery technology solutions, and outlined what I see as the drawbacks of conventional approaches such as traffic shaping. In this post I’m going to talk about new approaches [...]